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– An Exemplary Philosopher having Profound Influence on Western Philosophy 

Socrates born in 469 B.C. was viewed as the founding figure of Western philosophy and regarded as the most exemplary ancient Greek philosopher. His character, way of life, and thought have a profound influence on Western philosophy. He was born and brought up in Athens. His father's name was Sophroniscus who was a stonemason and his mother, Phaenarete was a midwife. He had an appetite for learning right from his youth and grew up during the golden age of Pericles' Athens, and he also served as a soldier. He is best known as a questioner of everything and everyone.

Socrates's innovative style of teaching is immortalized as the Socratic method that does not convey knowledge but rather asks questions until students arrived at their own understanding. He has not written anything himself, every fact related to him is written by his few contemporaries and followers, especially his student Plato and Xenophon. As per Plato, he was highly influenced by the writings of the leading contemporary philosopher Anaxagoras. Aspasia, mistress of the Athenian leader Pericles taught him rhetorically. The most vital accounts of Socrates’ life and philosophy were recorded by his students Plato and Xenophon. 

Socrates stands apart from other great philosophers and is remembered as a religious figure or quasi-saint. Every school of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy claims him as one of their own. He wishes to create an ethical system based on human reason instead of the theological doctrine of the time, and strongly advocated that the greatest leaders possess knowledge, virtue, and a complete understanding of themselves. According to Socrates, an individual's choice is motivated by the desire to seek happiness, though the choice to achieve happiness can only be made when individuals know themselves. 

Besides being a great philosopher, Socrates has also given famous quotes on life, love, knowledge, education, death, and wisdom. His quotes on diverse topics are full of knowledge, wisdom, and foresightedness. Some of his quotations provide thought-provoking insights and his words may be an inspiration that can inspire and motivate people in life or can simply prove words of advice or wisdom. Socrate aimed to bring human reasoning into practice compared to the theological doctrine of the time and he tried his best to bring a different notion about life and death. His quotes on life, love, and knowledge provide a motivational push that we all look forward to staying positive and encouraged.

Though he was admired by many, some felt him as a threat in their life and so he was sentenced to death. He was forced to drink a mixture of poison, hemlock, which he did without any fear and hesitation. He was brave and courageous who don't even fear death, the biggest truth of life.  

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